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Spelunky is a platform game where we play the role of an adventurer like Indiana Jones. A character who has to collect treasures and rescue girls in trouble in his way to the end of the level. You play it as you used to do in the old classics. Jump, kill snakes with the whip, plant bombs and collect as many treasures as you can. Depending on the collected treasures, killed snakes, rescued girls and the rest of actions, you'll get points at the end of each level. The levels are randomly generated, so you'll play a different game each time you start. Finally, the latest version of Spelunky saves statistics, so you can know how many girls you have rescued and the treasures you have collected.
The classic Spelunky comes to Android in a very faithful adaptation

When we're talking about the impact of indie games in the gaming market, a few names come to mind. Though everybody's got a lot of feelings about what should be on the list, there's one game that probably makes it onto most people's. Spelunky might be one of the best games of recent years, and it's influence has trickled down to games of all kinds. That said, it was originally exclusive to PC and we've never been able to enjoy it on mobile devices ... until now. Spelunky Classic HD is a port of the original Spelunky that brings the same challenging experience to Android devices.
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